Planning the perfect dinner party can be  a daunting prospect. Whether an experienced cook or a first time host there are so many other aspects to consider:

–  will they turn up?

– will my table fit everyone?

– plates…oh no! do the plates all match?

To name but a few!

Cooking the meal can just feel like the straw that broke the camel’s back for some. But before you reach for that take away menu and settle in for “the usual” check out our ideas for making your dinner experience an easy party.

Step 1: planning

Plan your menu to ensure you give yourself as much time with your guests as possible. This may mean that your dinner starter is a cold dish that you can prepare and plate up in advance for example. Or you may do a roasted meat joint or an en croute dish that can cook in the oven while you host your guests beforehand (although be sure to invest in a good timer in this case!) Look for menu ideas that give you a great atmosphere but a simple party to deliver.

Step 2: Preparation

dinner starter potted shrimp

choose a cold dinner starter that you can plate up before guests arrive.

Make a list a couple of weeks in advance. Make sure you know if any of your guests have any dietary needs that you need to accommodate and plan your shop. Of course with fresh food you can’t do too much in advance but you can be peeling your vegetables from two days before and storing them in the fridge in water ready to go. That way you don’t have such a mountain to climb on the day. Remember timings will be critical to the success of your event.

A beautiful sea bass dish for your dinner party menu

Your “wow” could be created by serving a really striking dish

Step 3: Panache

Once you’ve planned and prepped the next step is to add your own “je ne sais quoi” this could be your theme – themed dinners are always a fun night out. Or how about a food based treat or surprise such as a novel canapé or pre-dessert that is not on the menu. Perhaps your party desert is the time to break out your own personal bake-off showstopper. Equally it could be some form of entertainment, table dressing or musical interlude – the world is your oyster as they say.  Adding something that will make your guests say “wow” is the key to a successful party – it serves as a great ice breaker and it gives all of your guests something to talk about next time they meet, or at their next dinner party (provided it isn’t so fantastic that their next host would rather not hear about it!)

Need help? Let Sainlo Events help you find your “je ne sais quoi” factor with your own bespoke menu prepped and served with style –  get in touch today.