The way you kick off your menu at a dinner party is an element worth considering. It’s going to help you set the tone for the entire meal.

Get it right and your guests will instantly relax, offer something just a little out of the ordinary and you could find yourself honored as the gold standard in home entertaining. Here are some of our best dinner party starter ideas that provide you with a quick win with your guests and get your menu off on the right foot.

Potted shrimp

Potted Shrimp starter

Potted Shrimp an ideal cold starter

This starter is ideal for the busy host – fitting entertainment into a busy work or social schedule can be hard. Or, equally good if you are cooking and hosting without much support. The beauty of this recipe is that it can be prepped and plated in advance. It looks great and it tastes delicious. A perfect starter to enable you to make sure everyone’s glass is topped up front of house, without delaying your kitchen service. Download our recipe today and try this yourself.

Canteloupe melon and Serano ham salad

Melon and serano ham salad - simple starter idea

a delicious salad that is quick to prepare and tastes delicious

This quick and easy salad starter is another that can be prepared in advance and left plated and covered in the fridge until you are ready to serve. It offers a great combination of flavours and is something more than the standard “melon starter” that was a little over used a few decades ago. In addition the colour and intensity it provides on the plate really lifts it above some other cold starters you could choose. Serve it on a white plate for additional vibrance and balance your ingredients well so that the blend of colour is just right on the plate.

Game Terrine

414456_300313750046255_682286923_oIf you fancy something meaty to start, this terrine is another excellent option. Although it is a few hours in the making it is great if you like the idea of prepping in advance. This one can be done up to five days beforehand and is served chilled, allowing you to get out and host your party rather than hide away toiling in the kitchen for every single course. Although the preparation for a terrine can seem daunting at first it pays dividends as the results are so impressive and, actually, once you get started it is pretty straightforward! Download the recipe and give it a try.

Chin chin to quick (ish) wins. Now, go and top up those glasses.

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