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Granola Pot with spoon in table setting


Over the years we have served breakfast to hundreds of people and the one question that comes back to us time and again is “but where can I get your granola?!”

Well for those people we finally have an answer. We are launching our very own granola subscription for just £12/month this year.


What is a Granola Subscription?

Our Granola subscription is a postal service, we will send you 750g of our delicious granola every month (equivalent to about 3 store-bought packets per month). The difference being that our granola is made fresh and packaged for you within hours rather than mass produced and shipped nationally so you will immediately taste the difference in quality and value.

How Much is it?

We are charging just £12/month including UK postage.

I’m in what next?


Gifts and Hampers

Chocolate brownies with a toffee honeycomb sauce

Brownie Hampers

Sometimes we just need a little something to say “Whoop!” or “Thanks!” or “Hey it’s Saturday let’s celebrate!” For those (and many other purposes) our brownie hampers are the perfect solution.

These brownies are well known among our regular clients, some might say the stuff of legends so what better way to show your appreciation for your colleagues and contacts or celebrate a milestone…

“… And by far the best brownies I’ve ever had in my life!”

“We also had mountains of dessert served afterwards, with the Brownie being one of the most incredible things I’ve ever eaten – Colleen, I will be in touch soon to enquire about ordering a batch!”

How does it work?

This is a simple order delivery system. We do bake fresh so we need a bit of a lead time but apart from that it is straight forward. Simply order your brownies online Order by Monday for Friday delivery and we will do the rest.

Hamper sizes

We are currently offering two sizes of hampers

10 pieces – £20 including UK P&P

20 Pieces – £35 including UK P&P

Sainlo Events Gift Hamper

Gift Hampers

If there is someone special you want to treat then a bespoke hamper from Sainlo Events could be just the job. Whether this is to send a message to a special friend or treasured family member or a gift to let a client know that you value them, our hampers never fail to hit the mark.

Jam packed with handmade goodies including sweets, cakes and biscuits as well as savoury crackers and chutney there is something for everyone and plenty enough to share.  Simply order by Monday for delivery by Friday

Small Hamper – £35 including UK P&P

Large Hamper – £70 including UK P&P

Chez sainlo Supper club venue image

Supper Clubs

Supper Clubs are our bespoke dining experiences. We work with a range of venues to bring you exquisite dining in a relaxed and social setting. Whether you love the outdoorsy feel of our barn location with the fire pit roaring or a more cosy boutique hotel style of our St Albans Venue we can promise you a warm welcome and a delicious meal.

We will be planning more events shortly and would love you to join us. Want to hear when the next one is planned? Sign up for email notifications.