A beautiful sea bass dish for your dinner party menu

Your “wow” could be created by serving a really striking dish

Food is a key part of any party. It can become a talking point, it helps to keep the party running smoothly as the champagne flows and it makes your guests feel welcomed and comfortable. So how can you plan your party menu to ensure your food is a talking point for all the right reasons and your guests have the best time possible?

Different types of menu will suit different types of event here are some pointers to help you decide what will work best.

Who are you catering for?

This is a really important question as it will help you to determine what sort of dishes would be most suitable. You can ensure that every dish will be a hit with your guests. For example we are catering an event for GPs later this month so we presented our client with a range of healthier food options that are in tune with the messaging and spirit of the event in question.

Where will you be serving the food?

Will your guests be seated or eating on their feet? Is your event social or business? What will be happening after the food service? This will all impact on what type of food you serve some foods are just hard to eat when you are standing.

selection of canapés for corporate receptions

A selection of canapés

At a networking event, for example, you need quick bites so that people can keep talking and participating. If you are going in to a panel or discussion session after your food service then your guests might also be more comfortable (and awake) if you serve a lighter bite.

How much time will you have for food service?

If your guests are all arriving at different times, or your meal is sandwiched between seminars at a conference you may find that an informal buffet service is most appropriate.

On the other hand if you are planning a wedding or a charity gala where the dinner is the main attraction and the catalyst for getting people socialising then why not go the whole nine yards with a seven course tasting menu?

Light bites for informal events or conferences

A bowl food menu provides a great middle ground between a formal meal and a buffet menu

Sometimes your event may call for something in the middle ground such as a bowl food menu that your guests can enjoy while they are talking to one another, or enjoying an exhibit.

It is key to match your menu to your event to ensure that everything has the right impact.

If you are dealing with numbers outside of your comfort zone for in-house catering why not contact Sainlo Events to see if we can help?