As an external caterer we work in collaboration with a lot of people during the course of any one job.

Most of the work that we do starts with a call directly from the client, then in turn we liaise with the venue manager, the hire company, the front of house staff, our trusted suppliers, the client again and so it goes on until the perfect meal is laid before our clients’ guests and we start the process all over again.

It is fair to say this is a business where it pays to like working with others

Each one of the people we work with has to be reliable and we have to have complete faith that when they say they will deliver a certain thing, be that salmon fillets for 200+ or electricity for a mess kitchen on site, that is exactly what they will do.

As we look forward to the warmer weather, and the catering season proper really takes shape, we are proud to look through our bookings and see the number of fantastic suppliers, venues and business clients we are working with who strive to deliver to those standards every single time. These people help us to continue delivering to our own high quality standards on every single job.

On this International Women’s Day 2017 it thrills us to see how many strong and successful women make up that number of suppliers that we completely depend on in our business and as a business ourselves run by a husband and wife team we feel like we also do something for the strong women in business vote. So here is a shout out to some of our favourites.

Collaboration is Key to Maintaining High Standards 

Jessica  – Home Farm Glamping


We met Jessica in 2015 and started to cater the odd event at Home Farm Glamping which is a fantastic enterprise open from May- September in Aldenham Hertfordshire. This Glamping site is the nearest to London being only 10 minutes cab ride from Stanmore Tube station at the end of the Jubilee line. Jess offers a complete retreat from city life for families and young professionals who are looking for a bit of a break. Set in 100 acres of beautiful Hertfordshire countryside this haven of peacefulness offers all of the fresh air and back-to-nature experience of a campsite BUT, you don’t need to lift a finger. No struggling with tent poles in gail force winds, no sleeping on a lumpy air bed, no worrying whether that rain shower is going to develop into something that completely washes away your belongings. Simply pitch up, and get toasting those marshmallows. We are delighted at how our relationship with Home Farm Glamping has grown over the last two years and the number of events we are able to contribute to and run on the site has really grown. Since our first ever barbecue there we are proud to say that this year we will be running five supper club events in partnership with Jess as well as assisting any of her clients who require food during their stay. Take a look at Home Farm Glamping for yourself

Aimee – Pause for Effect


Aimee is another inspirational character. This season sees the launch of her Pause for Effect breaks. Another partnership with both Home Farm Glamping and Sainlo Events Catering working with professionals and families to facilitate a complete break from a busy working and family life and claim back a little time for relaxation and repose.

Aimee’s philosophy is based around the need to take back a little time for ourselves and ensure that the growing use of technology and the creeping need for instantaneous responses doesn’t completely take over our ability to Pause and enjoy a little space for silence and reflection.

Aimee is launching three types of events this spring/summer one for Grown-ups one for families and a Land Girls Pause where women can join together and undertake activities in the fresh air for the greater good of the environment they are working in. The weekends are a mixture of wellbeing activities and time for independent relaxation all set in the beautiful surroundings at Home Farm. Sainlo Events are really proud to be facilitating the catering for these events to ensure that guests can take a complete break. Check out the full programme for spring/summer 2017


Bobbie – Apple Catering Hire

Bobbie is one of our nuts and bolts suppliers. She is the one that keeps the cogs turning once our lovely clients have selected their menu. Always on hand, always efficient and always ready to say – “are you sure you have the right number of knives on order because it doesn’t quite match with the other items?” – Yes that’s right we are not above the occasional typo in our haste Chez Sainlo.

Apple Catering Hire is a great catering hire business based in Edgware, a family run business we have been using since we discovered them last year. Professional, flexible and reliable, Bobbie runs the office and responds to all customer enquiries – mostly with lightening speeds – as well as hopping in the van and delivering those items in good time for your event when needed. She will arrange a call ahead of delivery to the client to ensure they know to expect her, she will even send a follow up text to us to let us know it has all gone smoothly on more tricky or critical jobs. Apple Catering Hire offer excellent customer service and we are always confident they will deliver for us. For that we return to them time and again.

These are just three of the amazing women we have the privilege to work in partnership with regularly. All of them incredible business women and downright lovely people to be around, we sincerely hope that these relationships will continue to grow and flourish and we look forward to new partnerships and collaborations with many of the other excellent women rocking their businesses out there in future. Happy International Women’s Day!