Light bites for family occasions

A selection of bowl food dishes

If you are planning a large scale party or event, be it barn dance, marquee wedding or corporate summer party we have plenty of menu ideas to ensure that your catering is completely taken care of. Whether you opt for a fully carved hog roast, bowl food or a cold buffet we have the ability to help you to impress your guests.


Spit roast

Our spit roast lamb is a popular choice marinated with our house lamb marinade and served with your choice of either vegetables and potatoes or bread roll and condiments. this is a great option for parties of up to 40 guests. We will provide everything you need to serve a spit roast from the equipment for cooking it right down to a chef to oversee and carve for you. Undeterred by the Great British Weather, we arrive complete with our own all weather shelter to protect your meal from the elements – you simply need to provide a space to set-up.

Hog Roast

Hog roast

Serving a Hog roast

Similar to our lamb spit roast our hog roast simply requires you to provide the cooking space and we will do the rest. If you are catering for more guests this can be another great and simple option for your party. Again you can choose your accompaniments and we will do the rest. We source our pigs from a local farm ensuring fresh high quality meat that we then season and flavour with the Sainlo Event’s house mix of herbs and spices, ensuring we serve the tastiest hog available.