Champagne is always flowing at a great reception or launch but it is important to make sure those bubbles don’t go to your guests’ head.

Canapé Reception


A Selection of tasty Canapés and light bites will help to keep your event running smoothly, as well as making your guests feel more comfortable and relaxed as they enjoy the company of you and your employees for the evening.
Sainlo Events offer a wide range of canapés both savoury and sweet. We can offer you a number of choices that will delight and surprise your guests with their intensity, and full flavours, providing a delicious light bite at the end of a long day and before an evening meal can be consumed.

Bowl Food

Bowl food is an alternative to canapés if your launch is a little later or guests may be delayed getting to their evening meal. These more substantial dishes, still provide just a light bite rather than a full meal but will provide something a little more filling and substantial than ou canapé selection if guests may have to wait some time for a main meal. Again we can offer a wide range of options in a number of culinary styles to suit any occasion, whatever is most appropriate for the theme and atmosphere of your event.