Catering meetings with style

We know the drill at the office meeting. “Lunch will be provided” sounds like a perk but is so often met with a groan because so many know, or believe at least, that we are talking about a curly sandwich and some low quality crisps.

As a director or senior employee, have you ever taken the time to consider what your meeting catering actually says about your organisation though?

It’s just food right? A bonus, a “nice-to-have”… Wrong!

Here’s what we’ve learned from our corporate clients and what we believe excellent catering has the power to do:

FBSEPics 334Boost morale

Believe it or not food at a meeting is so much more important than you might imagine. Because expectation is often low and meetings can be long and intellectually draining, the whole process can lower enthusiasm and dim creative thinking as the day wears on.

A tasty boost at the midway point will spur on conversation and raise spirits for the later session. People will form a bond with one another, making their meal a talking point, and for a moment step away from the issues occupying the meeting. This mental break allows the mind to refresh and become open to new ideas and possibilities – leading to a more productive afternoon session.

You may well think “a heavy meal will send this lot to sleep, never mind open the creative channels”. That is why it is vital to deal with a skilled catering team who understand your needs and have the talent in the kitchen to design an energising menu that will boost rather than comatose them.

Improve your brand perception

The old adage “how you do one thing reflects your attitude to everything” is true. If someone is persistently late when you meet for social drinks you worry they may let you down in a pinch. If they talk to you about a colleague you can’t help but wonder what they may say about you when you’re absent.

The same is true for your brand. Making thoughtful, and importantly, tasty selections for your meeting catering says something specific about your organisation, without actually saying a word. Providing a good quality meal speaks to the ability to provide a good quality product or service and will, without even trying, encourage your clients to think more positively about your offer.

spinach and ricotta tartlet

Spinach, ricotta and broccoli tartlet with pine nuts

Build and cement working relationshipsSo, you go with a standard high street sandwich platter and your meeting runs long. Your team work hard but the afternoon is a slog. At the end of the meeting you set the date for a follow-up how do your team and your clients feel? Truthfully, probably not thrilled. Another long and draining meeting, how many will be sending in their apologies?

On the other hand, you decide to go with a more varied lunch  – and everyone agrees it is a great lunch –  your afternoon session is much more energised and your team start to really get to the nub of the issues. Actions are set and partnerships to move things on are formed. The date for the next meeting becomes a focal point for the actions agreed. Everyone leaves saying “I hope we get a lovely lunch like that next time, I’ll call you tomorrow to discuss the next steps”

To talk about how to give your team a boost, move a tricky project on, or how to get your brand values across without saying a word contact Sainlo Events for menu suggestions and a quote.



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